Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Family reunion!

Well, it's not everybody, but it's most of my hubby's immediate family. We met up in Polson, Montana on beautiful Flathead Lake. My DH is #7 out of 12 children, so the picture you see includes most of his siblings and most of our nieces and nephews, though not all. My tall DS is in the back right in the orange shirt. One of my DDs is smack dab in the middle directly behind the coffee table. My other DS is looking around to see who is paying attention and my DH is right front sitting criss cross applesauce. It's quite the smattering of kids...tons of love and fun all around! My four children have 31 first cousins, 12 aunts, and 10 uncles! (I have one sister and one brother) Grandpa is an only child and Grandma had only one brother!

Here is my youngest DD jumping in the lake. They had such a great time!


Heidi said...

Hello Denise!
Wow it looks like you had a great turn out for your Family Reunion! I just wanted to stop by and check out your blog and say thanks for checking out my blog!! Also the technique that you asked about is called Rainbow Double. I posted more info in the comment section on my blog. Hope you have a great day!!

Corie said...

Wow -- what a big family -- lots of love.