Friday, September 28, 2007

Cards for Mom and Dad

I couldn't make up my mind, so I'm giving them two!

Below is the inside of the card.

Then I've also been wanting to try a transparent card, so here's my attempt. I used gold embossing powder and I also used some foil for the hearts on the transparency and for some of the swirls on the front.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ahhh...the invitations are done!

I saw this beautiful card at Inksicles and grabbed the idea! I thought it would be perfect for the 50th wedding anniversary invitations. I used a very large background stamp that was from dots, I think, with gold ink. I made the "50" out of that kids' craft foam to create my own stamp and then I embossed that in gold, using versarmark ink. I dry embossed the circle with a chipboard circle that I cut out, and then I added "years" with a gold pen. I did a little foil glue and foil on one of the leaves just to add some glitz. I like that! The glitter wasn't a very good idea. I found a can of spray glitter that I thought would be perfect...and it does look pretty, but it's not very "stuck". You can rub the card and have a handful of sparkles. Bummer!!!

This one is to show the glitter. I like the look...just wish it stuck better!!! And the bows ended up not sticking (as you can see that it is falling off in this picture), so I ended up threading some gold wire through it and securing it.

And here's the inside of the card. I printed Mom and Dad's wedding picture on vellum as somebody suggested. I printed out the invitations on the computer first, so the date shows through. I think that looks great too! I secured the vellum on the bottom with a creased area, glue, and the ribbon through the holes. Then I secured the top of the vellum with two glue dots. They work so well.

Here's a close up of Mom and Dad 50 years ago. I made about 35 or 40 of these invitations and I can tell you I'm so glad to be done. I still need to address the envelopes and get them to the post office. Yikes! Time is flying!

We did go to Seaside for a couple of days and enjoyed some time goofing off. We had fantastic weather, but it didn't help getting anything done. And I have over 1,000 blogs to catch up on now!!! You can guess what I'll be doing in my spare time!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Need ideas for 50th anniversary invitations.

My parents will be celebrating their golden anniversary soon, and I'm making the invitations. I'm leaning towards vellum, ribbon, and cardstock. Does anybody have any simple, yet beautiful, invitation ideas. Any card ideas that I could customize to fit the need? I'd love to get some links to follow to see some beautiful ideas. Any help would be appreciated.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Life...a new one will be coming soon. I have a great niece on the way. This is the card I made for the shower. I got to use one of my new bella images that I won!

I've been having SO much fun coloring with my Prismacolors and the odorless mineral spirits. I love them.

Life...must come to an end also. This is the sympathy card that I made for a friend that died recently. I mentioned him in an earlier post. His name was Curtis, he was 36, he was killed in a gold mining accident in Nevada, and he leaves behind his parents, a sister, a wife, and three children. We "babysat" Curtis and his sister when they were about 14 and 12 or 13 and 11...just a little too young to be left alone for the weekend but old enough that it was more of a house sitting job, with a little "short order cook" thrown in.

I used a couple different sets of the $1.00 Michael's acrylic stamps. I really like how it turned out...very simple. Again I used the wonderful Prismacolors!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

I've colored three bellas so far!!!

I think I'm having too much fun! I am so happy to have some bella images!!! They're just so cute! I used Prismalcolor pencils and the odorless mineral spirits. Wow...amazing. The color just blends smooth, vibrant, and gorgeous.

I should probably be trying to figure out colors with paper, but I was having too much fun just coloring. Hopefully I will find some paper I can use!
Before I color more, I will find paper first and then go from there. I did do a little swatch of color with each pencil so I can be sure I'm getting a true color match.
Maybe my next post will be one with a cute card with one of these bellas...but sadly, I do need to make a sympathy card. I'm never happy to make one of those.

There was a gold mine that had a cave-in in Nevada. Curtis was only 36 years old. My hubby and I sat with he and his sister home...when we were first married...about 22 years ago. Sad.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

It's here, it's here, it's here!!!

My blog candy finally arrived (I was waiting at the mailbox night and day for this!!!) It was stock full of bellas!!! Yes...I am SO excited about this! Jillabella, from Ink, Stamp, &Scrap, was SO generous!!! Look at my treasure!!!
And since I couldn't find my son's Prismacolor art pencils ANYWHERE...I am the proud owner of another set of 72 pencils...that I bought with my gift certificate! Woohoo!! I have already colored THREE bellas!!! I got up terribly early this morning because I couldn't sleep. What better to do with my time than color?!?! The pile of laundry just wasn't calling my name as loudly as the pencils and bellas!! Although, I do have a brand new washer too! That wasn't by choice though. I heard a strange noise a few days ago in the laundry room and went out to check and found the room filled with smoke. Whew! What an awesome blessing it is to know that God is watching over us. So I guess I should be doing laundry; and truly, I am so thankful that I can do laundry in a house that is still over my head!