Monday, March 21, 2011

Got to host a Digiorno Party!

Yum!! I was super impressed with the Digiorno pizza. It's quite good! And the cookies...mmmm! They now have the coolest packs and pizza WITH either cookies, breadsticks, or boneless chicken wings. All of them were met with approval! What a fun and delicious time! Not to mention sword fights and rhythm bands with the "bam bam" sticks that were provided...and lots of basketball games in the kitchen at every halftime!

I was pretty much on the sidelines resting my back and am thankful to a wonderful hubby who managed to put everything together for me!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Minnie Mouse

Ooooh, but I wish I owned it! This was SO easy and I thought it turned out absolutely adorable since my granddaughter LOVES Minnie Mouse and just turned 2. Perfect. She thought it was she tried to take Minnie Mouse off of the card Ü This is definitely on my wish list!! I think it probably took me about 20 minutes, if that, to complete the I want to make characters as big as I can to put on her walls!!