Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Playing with backgrounds

I thought I'd try using some wax paper and an iron to make a background, but I couldn't find any wax paper. So, I experimented with some red cellophane. I ironed it on and then peeled it off; then I used a purple stamp. I love it.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My newest punch

I was blessed this week! A friend gave me a gift card to Michael's! I was so eager to go, though, that I left my 40% off coupon at home! Grrrrr. Knowing that the coupon does not apply to the new Martha Stewart items, I browsed those specifically! I didn't want to get something that I could use the coupon on!! So, I found a punch that I really like. I have ideas rolling around in my head! I also think it will make a dandy dogwood blossom, so that's something to try another time.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

First posting...May 20th

Well, another year of dance is done! The recitals were Friday and Saturday. It's strange though...a few years ago I had four children in multiple dances, and we're down to two children dancing in one dance each. It was nice though. We didn't have any conflicts with sports this year; what a relief! It's nice to be done for now, although already my youngest daughter is talking about summer classes of dance!

I did make a card to accompany the end of year recital gift. I'm including the picture.

I make the props for the dance recital to help with the tuition costs, and it went well. I only had one last minute emergency! One of the fiddle bows broke in the Friday performance so I whipped up another for the next day. I made some "sunshines" on a rope that ended up looking more like a yellow barbarian's weapon, but I think most of the audience got the idea. There were flower arches, fiddles, lollipops, sunshines, and masks that I made, and being the best procastinator out there, I added the stress of time to it all. But it always seems to work out. This year was much easier than previous years because I didn't need to make a backdrop. In past years (many) I've made a backdrop to span the stage. I use about 12 or 16 twin size flat sheets; then I paint them! I was thanking the good Lord this year that I didn't have to do that.