Thursday, May 27, 2010

What was I thinking???

Does anybody else say, "Sure, I'd be happy to make those for you?" Seriously...I think I have a problem. How do you say, "No, I don't have time right now?" I don't know how to do that. Here are 20, yes, 2-0 invitations made up. Oh my.

Even the gluing seemed to take eons. Can't imagine doing it without my tape still took forever and a day. Okay...not forever, but you get the idea.

I even felt compelled to add the shiny stuff to the space helmet...afterall, it's a glass globe for the astronaut. And for anybody's information, 20 critter creations fit nicely on the Martha Stewart Scoring board where they can dry.
There's a cute astronaut...

And I really like this alligator...or is a crocodile? But what a pain to color. Oh, and I used my Prismacolor pencils. No blending though...that would have taken EVEN longer.

This pretty ballerina...

And this great duck that would make a really perfect Daffy duck.

And don't they make hilarious critters?

I followed the amazing directions that Stamp Owl's Studio had. Awesome! I couldn't have done it without you! But next time somebody wants "books" for invitations, remind me to say, "Uhm, I don't think I can get that done for you right now." On a positive note though, I LOVE them and wish I was keeping them for myself.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Long time no hear...

I know, I's been a loooooooooooooooooooooong time since I've posted. Doesn't life just get crazy? I know it does here. I have much to be thankful for. My 19 yo ds was recently in a terrible car accident...he was stopped in the middle of a highway to turn left and the pickup behind him didn't see him....hit him at 50-60 mph in the right rear (my adorable granddaughter was in the right rear backseat), this spun him into oncoming traffic where he was hit again on the front right by a van going about the same speed. He was able to walk away. I actually haven't even looked at the pictures of the car yet, just brings tears to my eyes thinking about it. I'm not ready. I have a dear friend that said this when she looked at the pictures: "You know what I saw? I could see God's hand cupped around your grandbaby and your son, and the rest of the car caved, but where they sat, He protected them." It is a miracle. My parents saw his car in person and told me they were miracles as well. He is still getting treatment for severe whiplash and a probable torn ligament in his knee. Baby girl is as healthy as can be and any signs of the accident are gone already.
I've been teaching a card class at the local senior center once a month, and even that seems to sneak up on me. I've started helping out with scrapbooking at the center as well. It's really amazing for me to see what these gals are scrapping...some really amazing things. Hopefully it will get me back to scrapping a bit, since I am about as far behind as I could possibly be!

This card was made for a friend to give to a friend. The dear friend mentioned above let me try out the "A Child's Year" cartridge...I HAVE to own it. Soon! The adorable little silhouette of the boy on the rocking horse is from that cart. The paper was run through the Cuttlebug and the "Welcome Baby Boy" was made with a die from Cuttlebug. It really is only "Welcome Baby", but I cut out a second one and pieced "Boy" together. I think it looks fantastic! The star buttons were just a fabulous coincidence...that they matched perfectly and were sitting right by my crafting area (which happened to be the dining room table at the moment--it changes to whatever surface is clear enough at the time). I'm very pleased with the card and will undoubtably make another to have on hand. Or I might spend the next 48 hours cutting and cutting and cutting before I must return this incredible cart.