Sunday, August 12, 2007

BIG family reunion...

Did I ever mention that my hubby is #7 out of 12 children? We are in Montana, on beautiful Flathead Lake, for a family reunion. Can you imagine? Last night for dinner there were 49 people...and that ONLY includes Dad, the children, and the grandchildren. Dad has 32 grandchildren at this point...four of which are ours. Not quite all of the grandchildren could make it, but the vast majority did. There are still two more grandchildren coming today, but some of the people had to leave...maybe it will balance. The grandchildren range in age from about 28 down to almost one. There are about five great grandchildren...I got to meet a great niece yesterday and there will probably be another introduction today. One thing about it...there's almost always somebody "your age" to play with so the kids have it made. Our 16 yo son, though, has only girl cousins his age...but they are all just gorgeous and nice and fun! He's not complaining. I'll post pictures when we return home.

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