Saturday, February 7, 2009

I got a Butterfly Award!

Butterfly Award

TeresaW has given me this "Butterfly Award for the Coolest Blog I know!" Pretty cool! Be sure to check out her blog as's Trees aWard in Crafts.

So the rules for this award:
1) Post the award's logo on your blog
2) Add the link to the person who nominated you
3) Nominate at least 6 others and no more than 10 blogs & post their
4) Let those people know that they have received the award

You thought that was it didn't you? There's more. ...

Now for something completely different:
This is a little different challenge requirement - to post the 6th photo found in your 6th folder in "My Pictures" and tell the story behind the photo. Mine isn't a bizarre photo or an adventurous one...but here is the sixth picture in my sixth album...This is my oldest, now 21, a couple of years ago when she was in the choir at Corban College. She's the redhead. It was an awesome experience for her and she even traveled to Europe with this group and had a once in a lifetime experience.

I'm nominating Phyllis at Paper Stuff...and more.
Deb at In His Grip. So, I'm not nominating six others, but two very special ones instead.

I have a card class Monday, so I'll be posting a new card very soon!


TeresaW said...

Wow! how can you post so quick? It took me ages to do all the requirements, and you popped it on the blog in minuets! You really do deserve the nomination - I knew it!!!

Debbie said...

Congrats Denise!!!! Thanks so much for paying the nomination forward! You are such a gem of a friend! Talk to you very soon ok! Oh ps....all of my CB goodies are here! I am having some serious fun! Love you~

Marge said...

Congrats, Denise! Your photo is awesome; what a beautiful girl!!!

Alex said...

Congrats Denise!! I love that pic too, she is soooo pretty! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

toners said...

What a fun photo! A beautiful girl :)