Monday, July 28, 2008

Is this funny or what?

When I had to verify a comment...look what I got? I'm a freak for air conditioning...and it's true...I really, really, really dislike being too warm!


Jan Scholl said...

I am so totally the opposite, as I never use AC. My cars come with it and I have to test before I sell it to make sure it works. The heat however is always on in my car.

we use a whole house fan at home. NOt sure if they still make it but we purchased it 3o years ago and its in the attic. turn it on for 5 minutes and it sucks all the hot air out and brings the cooler night air in. pennies to run too. great investment-from Sears.

Anonymous said...

Hi Denise!
Welcome to SBS22! I'm a new blogger myself and have yet a lot to learn!
I have recently discovered a SheetLoad and love it!
Looking forward to getting to know you and sharing ideas and techniques!


Just call me Spike! aka Aileen

toners said...

LOL!! Another A/C freak here too :)

Kristine said...

OH, I'm with YOU!! I HATE being hot--I couldn't live [well] without my AC!! =) You're too funny...thanks for your comment on my blog! I will come check yours out (try to anyway) more regularly :) Hope you get more commenters soon!