Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Birthday, Linzi!

Monday was my youngest daughter's birthday. She is 15 now. Where, exactly, does the time go? If anybody knows a way to slow it down, please pass the information on. I had instructions on the cake, "Make it pretty." I tried to make it pretty.

I also wanted to take a treat to her softball games, so I attempted cake pops. Boy, did they get rave reviews. It was fun to watch people bite into them and have their eyes go wide in surprise and go on and on about how delicious they were. And they all requested them again at the end of the season barbecue! Fun! I used a toothpick to "engrave" stitches to try to make them look like softballs.

And even though she's 15...she's still my little girl.


pbo said...

Cute girl, cute cake (which won't end up on cakewrecks!) You are soooo creative!

Anonymous said...

You made that beautiful cake??? I am so envious looks so professional - do folks pay you to make cakes for them? I would if timing and distance wasn't such an issue! Love the balls, they really look like balls! What kind of cake batter did you use - hey that could even be a pun...batter? I'm sure you make your kids proud - let alone your sister!

Alex said...

Oh my!!! That cake is not pretty, it's GORGEOUS Denise - you totally outdid yourself!! They do grow up fast, don't they? *sigh* She is beautiful! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex