Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My RAK'n friend!!!

Here's my shy bestest buddy...

She currently resides in a very warm state and she brought her family to Oregon for a vacation this summer!

It was incredible to be able to hang out with her and her family!

This second photo was of us being silly...and holding up the camera hoping we were both in the frame! I love it!

Now here's my exciting news. She RAK'd me!!! She is a Creative Memories consultant and she blessed me incredibly with gifts!!! But not only all of that, she has given me my very first, VERY OWN Bella stamp! I knew she was ordering some because she saw them and loved them.

She asked me what my favorite one would be...and I chose "java bellas". Yep! Favorite. And she GAVE one to me!!!! I am beyond excited! I love everything...but I must say, I am just so excited about having a bella!!! Taunya, you are the best!!!

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Lacie said...

That is a really cute stamp mom. Hey. I was thinking for my Computer Science website for class I would make a website to "sell" your cards and my dishcloths and other stuff, and then if we want we can use it lol.