Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Need ideas for 50th anniversary invitations.

My parents will be celebrating their golden anniversary soon, and I'm making the invitations. I'm leaning towards vellum, ribbon, and cardstock. Does anybody have any simple, yet beautiful, invitation ideas. Any card ideas that I could customize to fit the need? I'd love to get some links to follow to see some beautiful ideas. Any help would be appreciated.


Mini Blessings said...

What if you put their wedding picture on the outside like a wedding invitation than put a picture of them now on the inside.

Heidi said...

Hi Denise!
WOW 50 year that is something to really celebrate!!! What about printing their picture (wedding and/or now)onto white or ivory vellum using black ink. Check to see if your printer will do this with out smearing. Mine will do it but I have to let it sit for a few minutes before I touch it. Then you could punch two holes in the top of the vellum and CS and adhere it with a no tie knot ribbon. Maybe gold ribbon & another thing that would be very pretty is a gold shimmer paper. HTH!! Congrats to your parents!!!

DEBBY said...

I like the ideas given above and I did somethin similar for my mom for her 70th birhday.I took a picture of her as a baby ,played with it in PS made the picture sephia color and printed the invitation on a vellum .Made two holes and tied a knot with rafia .You could use gold ribbon like Heidi said.