Saturday, September 8, 2007

I've colored three bellas so far!!!

I think I'm having too much fun! I am so happy to have some bella images!!! They're just so cute! I used Prismalcolor pencils and the odorless mineral spirits. Wow...amazing. The color just blends smooth, vibrant, and gorgeous.

I should probably be trying to figure out colors with paper, but I was having too much fun just coloring. Hopefully I will find some paper I can use!
Before I color more, I will find paper first and then go from there. I did do a little swatch of color with each pencil so I can be sure I'm getting a true color match.
Maybe my next post will be one with a cute card with one of these bellas...but sadly, I do need to make a sympathy card. I'm never happy to make one of those.

There was a gold mine that had a cave-in in Nevada. Curtis was only 36 years old. My hubby and I sat with he and his sister home...when we were first married...about 22 years ago. Sad.


All Pink said...

lucky you what great candy ,i bet you carn't stop colouring them ,they look great,Dawnx

Alexandra said...

Very cute bellas - now bring on the cards! LOL! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Corie said...

These Bella are great -- fantastic coloring.

Jovita said...

Your coloring of Bella is wonderful, great job ~ Jovi