Thursday, February 17, 2011

I got to host a Coffee-Mate home party!

Wow, this was FUN!! I applied to host a Coffee Mate home party that had a "game night" theme. It was AWESOME!! I got two games, coupons for free coffee mate creamer, cups, napkins, and little packs of instant coffee. All I had to supply were the laughing people and a few snacks. This was just so much fun...we ended up playing games for FOUR hours! And we played a game I had never played before..."Quelf". Oh my. Talk about fun, funny...hilarious! And we got to try several different coffee creamers too! DELICIOUS!!! Now I want MORE!!
I think this one was after one of the acting episodes? Quelf is a VERY fun and funny game!

Mmmmmmm...good to the last drop!
Check out the ingredients, of course! Does Phyllis look studious? tee hee
So at a table in one room and a rowdy bunch in the other one!
Time for a break to try a different flavor of creamer. Looks like it might be creme brulee that was the favorite. I really liked the Italian Sweet Cream though. Next I'll be trying a chocolate flavor for sure. Ooooh...but I LOVE the hazelnut too. How does one choose???
I think this handsome guy preferred the creme brulee too!
Phyllis had fun and we agreed that we need to get together and do a game night more often!
Coffee Mate provided me with TWO games, all of the coffee and creamer samplers, coupons for free creamer, cups, and napkins!!! I provided smiling people with great tasters and some snacks!

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