Sunday, May 20, 2007

First posting...May 20th

Well, another year of dance is done! The recitals were Friday and Saturday. It's strange though...a few years ago I had four children in multiple dances, and we're down to two children dancing in one dance each. It was nice though. We didn't have any conflicts with sports this year; what a relief! It's nice to be done for now, although already my youngest daughter is talking about summer classes of dance!

I did make a card to accompany the end of year recital gift. I'm including the picture.

I make the props for the dance recital to help with the tuition costs, and it went well. I only had one last minute emergency! One of the fiddle bows broke in the Friday performance so I whipped up another for the next day. I made some "sunshines" on a rope that ended up looking more like a yellow barbarian's weapon, but I think most of the audience got the idea. There were flower arches, fiddles, lollipops, sunshines, and masks that I made, and being the best procastinator out there, I added the stress of time to it all. But it always seems to work out. This year was much easier than previous years because I didn't need to make a backdrop. In past years (many) I've made a backdrop to span the stage. I use about 12 or 16 twin size flat sheets; then I paint them! I was thanking the good Lord this year that I didn't have to do that.

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