Monday, July 9, 2007

Not cards, but still home made

All of this "food" that I made is sized for 18" dolls. I love the American Girl dolls and I love to create things for them. I've found quite a few people that like play food for their dolls as well. So, I've made all of this food for them!
This is a little picnic set that I make and put in a tiny picnic basket. It's a favorite. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich, pickle, carrot, and cookie.
This lunch pail is made for Samantha. It's very realistic!

This set is made for Addy. The grapes are not handmade, but the "LOVE" cookies and the mince pie are.
This set is for Josephina. I found the perfect material for her lunch bag!
This set is for Kaya. The baskets all vary because I customize what I can find. The mat was made from a big blind that I found on clearance. It was perfect and made it so much easier than piecing together bamboo skewers (which I actually did do!)
This is for Kirsten. I do the woodburning on the box and I think it's really nice.
This is "Molly's lunch". It is the most difficult to make because of the lunch box. I found great little lunch boxes that would work great, but painting them is just tooooo much!

These popsicles are one of my favorites. They look so real!
Roasted marshmallows anybody???
How about some crunchy and soft tacos?
Watermelon slices, orange wedges, bagels with cream cheese, and twinkies! These were all custom orders as well as the tacos and burritos.
I can't remember "who" the cake was for, but I know I looked in the catalog to come up with it. Looks almost good enough to eat.
Mmmmm...s'mores! Oranges and orange slices, and the really weird looking piles are supposed to be refried beans...use your imagination!
I am very proud of this pumpkin pie...again, another custom order.
Hopefully you can tell this is supposed to be a pancake with melting butter and a slice of bacon. The large plate that this is on is actually a saucer.
Ice cream sandwiches, sandwich cookies, and sugar cookies with pink icing!
Another pie slice I am very proud of. Delicious looking apple pie!! I'm getting hungry!


Corie said...

WOW!!! It all looks so real. YUM

Rochelle W said...

Dang! Those are all awesome. You are very talented. Great job. I like the pumpkin pie, that is my favorite.

mum-on-the-run said...

Wow! Fabulous work!

Love the watermelon

Anonymous said...

thats crazy cool! what do you make this food out of? thanks!

Stefanie said...

Those are all so cool and realistic! I bet you've made several young girls very happy!

Swamp Tulip said...

WOW! Do you awesome work. Great job.


Anonymous said...

This stuff is great! My mom has Molly. I love the lunch set!

~~Deby said...

Wow...this stuff is so it hard to make?
BTW I have entered you into my giveaway...

Michelle said...

This stuff is AWESOME!! You should try selling some of it on Etsy!!! I bet it would be a huge hit!!!

Anonymous said...

Love it all!!!!!

Anonymous said...
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